Lighting 101

Vanity Lighting

Did you know that sconces are the go to choice for vanity lighting? By producing a warm radiant glow to either side of the face an even distribution of lighting is created where you need it most.

A general guideline is to install your vanity sconces 66” from the floor. To allow the light to overlap space them 28″-40″ apart. Consider a dimmer switch with maximum light for function and minimal light for that hot bubble bath.

Chandelier Lighting

When choosing and hanging the correct size fixture for your room it’s best to add the overall length and width of the room together.

For example, rule of thumb for a 12’x14′ dining room would be a 26″ fixture (12 + 14 = 26). The height of the chandelier should be 30-36″ from the table top based on an 8 ft ceiling. If your ceilings are higher you can adjust your fixture start by inches to balance it in the room. If your ceilings are higher than 9’ you may consider a two tier fixture to offset the height of the ceiling.

Ceiling Fans

The size of your room will determine the size of your fan and it should never be lower than 7′ 9″ from the floor to the ceiling.

When choosing your fan there are many options. Some come with a pull chain for lighting and changing the blade direction. Others come with a remote control for a fan that is mounted in a vaulted ceiling.

There are many attachments available to customize your fan to the ceiling. A room of 80 sq ft should have no longer than a 30″ blade. For a room over 100 sq ft a 52″ fan would be the best choice.

Any fan that is installed in a damp area needs to be damp rated. An exterior fan needs to be rated for the outdoors as they are weather proof (with composite blades) so they don’t warp due to the elements. We recommend controlling fans by remote or motor-rated speed controls.